Our Day

Throughout the day we work to a timetable that ensures that children are well cared for and all children are offered the same opportunities regardless of whether they attend morning or afternoon sessions.

The daily routine is displayed on the internal walls within the Setting. While certain activities will follow the routine, such as meal times, we like to allow some flexibility in other parts of the routine so that we may respond to events happening around us.

However, we loosely adhere to the routine below

9.00   Welcome & Activity on table

9.10 Register

9:15 Smile for a Mile

9:30 Small Group Time

9:40 Free Play

10:30 Rolling Snack

11:10 Tidy Up

11:30 Outside Play

12:00 Lunch and Home Time

1:00 Welcome and Register

1:05 Small Group Time

1:15 Free Play

2:30 Tidy Up

2:40 Outside Play

2:55 Story

3:00 Home Time

15.20  Nights Owls session welcome & registration

15.45 Free Play 

16.30 Tidy up & Prepare for Snack

17.00 Collection

17.00 to 18.00 Quiet time & Collection

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